Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Blog is Back

LONG DIVISION! Rhubarb Bomb's first ever festival, created in partnership with The Hop was a roaring success which saw all our tickets sold and an awful lot of people have a great time. We're not going to go on about it here but if you dont know what I am talking about, head to which will slowly, over the coming months begin to host pictures / videos etc of the day.

Now, the Rhubarb Bomb blog has been pretty neglected for a few months now, due to the mass of work involved with LD. Not to say RB has been ignored; we released issue 2.1, an LD special. There just wasnt time to mention it on this here blog. With the festival out of the way, RB is back to being our focus and over the coming year it will continue to grow and expand. The first step is developing our official website into something more usable. Whilst that is going on, this here blog will become a lot more active. Our intention is to post a review, article or news story every single day (unless we're at some awesome festival of course).

We've got a great big pile of records to review, but the first post will be a look at... Long Division! albeit from a promoters perspective. That'll be here later today x

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